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What is a Marc Experience?

Through IoT technology, Marc takes audiences through a memorable journey, from the delivery of a branded device, to an engaging multimedia campaign, to valuable interactions that provide deep insights into customers.

It’s an intelligent marketing tool that brings your brand to life.

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What can Marc be used for?

The opportunities are limitless, but here are some tested use cases:

What makes Marc powerful?

It’s all about technology. Through a partnership with AT&T, 5G technology is integrated into standard video brochures, making Marc the first direct marketing tool that allows you to:

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What kind of insights are collected?

Campaign intelligence is at the core of what makes Marc powerful. Data and insights, collected in real time, are integral to profitable sales strategies—and help marketers effectively prove ROI. That’s why Marc campaigns provide coveted first-party data on audience behavior and interests.

Key Metrics:

Key Insights:

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