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Our Mission

To transform local environments into digital landscapes that serve to communicate, interact and learn

Our Story

Like every story in tech, we saw a great product—and we wanted to make it better. Although video brochures have always been recognized for their unique ability to capture audience attention, the lack of insight into campaign performance eliminated any possibility of long term success.

So, we set out to build a video brochure with intelligence or, as we called it, M.A.R.C—Media. Activated. Responsive. Console. Through strategic partnerships, we integrated IoT technology into every campaign, enabling Marc to collect data on behavior and sentiment—an unprecedented feat in direct marketing.

After 14 months of research, soldering, testing and piloting, we’re proud to share our vision with you.

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Responsible, reusable, recyclable

We take the environmental impact of our products very seriously. Our electronics are FCC, PTCRB, CE and ROHS certified—and our devices are designed to be recycled. We encourage you (and your customers) to return your Marc to our offices so we can reuse and repurpose for the next campaign!

Please request a Marc Recycle Kit if you would like to recycle your Marc.

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We value your privacy

We appreciate the sensitivity of your data. Marc campaigns deliver first-person interactions with customers, thereby eliminating any third party data privacy concerns.

Additionally, our opt-in experience is transparent and simple. It starts with a privacy sticker affixed to the cover of the brochure. Once the device is opened, and customer interactions begin, the invitation to collect data is accepted.

For more information, please visit our privacy policy.

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