Meet Marc. The video marketing channel of the future.

Through the power of global IoT technology, video brochures have been transformed into extraordinary campaign experiences that captivate audiences and inspire brands.

Three Channels. One Experience.

The impact of print, engagement of video, and measurability of digital are combined to create a remarkable brand experience. Each channel provides unique value propositions for marketers, hitting every touch point for peak campaign success.

Sample Marc brochure for automotive industry

How many were viewed?

Open Rate 0%
Multiple Opens 0%
Day 1

When were they viewed?

12% 8am 17% 9am 27% 10am 20% 11am 11% 12pm 7% 1pm 4% 2pm 2% 3pm

Where were they viewed?

Insights never seen before

Marc is the first direct marketing channel to collect first-party data on behavior and interests. That’s right, every campaign tracks open rates, impressions, interactions, re-engagements, and more. These analytics give brands a deep understanding of audiences, with key insights that help drive sales goals and increase revenue.

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The alluring brochure captivates audiences. Personalized content keeps customers engaged. And interactive features spark communication and intelligence. It’s a brand journey your audience will never forget.

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